Studio II


      Can't I look like I want to look if I am free?

​Walnut      1970                                                           Private Collection

One Flag, One People, One Country

They waved their rebel flags, but as for me, If I am away in a  foreign land, and need such need help, I want to see the United States of America flag coming for me. 

Walnut    2015                                $800

Tree of Eternal Life

We believe that life here is short and full of trouble, but soon we will go to a place where life will be eternal. 


Private Collection

Glorious Woman

And through it all, you will not bring me down. I still rise.

​Oak (2016)                              



Make me wanna howler, I just want to scream when I see what is happening.  the ecology, the country, the hate, the brutality. 


Private Collection