Chicago, 2018

I love this work.

Ship Of  Zion       Oppression 

The chains that bound us.  Chains of oppression come in all forms.  They hold us down.  The people came as slaves. They died along the way.  Others tried to come, they too died along the way. Oppression is mighty.  

28” x 45” x 8”

Cypress                                                 $8500

The work in a patron's home.  

Explaining the Work.

Waiting and Watching

The fence post sees everything coming in and everything going out.  Who knows what stories the trees tell.  The ancestors are waiting and watching for me.  They see everything.

Cedar      Private collection 

Studio I

Carving at the Airport.

Memphis Blues

I carved a work to sell at a music festival in Memphis.  It did not sell. I kept it in my collection of 

blues works. 

38” x 7” x 2”

Walnut    2012        $550