Blues In Oak

A blues sign for a blues place not found yet.

57” x 11” x 1”

Oak                                                         $1800

I love your lips.

We Are One

Mojo People

Sad Smile

She wanted to smile but her time was near.  She had a sad smile.

Oak  (2016)                                        $400

Love in Pine

We Are One

While working at Texas Southern University, i parked my car in the back of the radio station.  This piece of wood was laying there everyday.  It spoke to me, so one day i took it home.  I designed it after a professor who in 1999, wore her hair in a box afro. The work was carved on the corner of the wood in order to create two images from one piece. One  side is male and the other is female.  I love this work. 

​27" 6” x 5”

Pine (2000)                               

Broken Man Blues

The man's wife was treating him really bad.  Then his girlfriend ran off with another woman. 

This gave him the broken man blues.

38" x 16" x 9"                                        2500

A work displayed in a home of a collector.