Festival Showings

MainStream Festival            Greenville, MS   Memphis Music Festival       Memphis, TN

Crosstie Festival                  Cleveland, MS   Houston International Fest    Houston, TX

Pan-American Festival           Houston, TX   Atlanta Jazz Festival              Atlanta, GA

King Biscuit Blues Festival       Helena, AR   Bowling Green International Fest  

                                    Bowling Green, KY

Prairie Arts Festival            West Point, MS   Kentuck Festival of the Arts                                                                     Northport, AL

Piedmont Arts Festival             Atlanta, GA Virginia Highland Summerfest  Atlanta, GA

57th Street Art Fair                   Chicago, Il   Who Fest                         Chattanooga, TN

Atlanta Arts Festival                 Atlanta, GA American Folklore Festival                                                                 Washington, D.C.  

Crafts and Drafts                  Nashville, TN Celebration of Culture         Nashville, TN

TACA                                    Nashville, TN   Rivers and Spires Festival    Clarksville, TN

Chastain Park Art Festival        Atlanta, GA   Juke Joint Festival               Clarksdale, MS

Piccolo Spoleto                   Charleston, SC

Pink Palace Craft Show        Memphis, TN

Nashville Airport                Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Univ         Nashville, TN

Volunteer State College      Nashville, TN

Grambling State Univ          Grambling, LA

MVSU                                 Itta Bena, MS

William Percy Library          Greenville, MS

I exhibited at my first festival while in college. My teachers and I drove to Chicago to show our work at Black Expo 1973.  A year later I was showing the work and demonstrating at the American Folklore Festival on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  The feel of a festival still travels through my blood.  Some years later I was invited to show works at the World's Fair In New Orleans.  Since I was bit by the festival bug, I brought a pop-up tent and began showing wherever the work was accepted; music festivals, churches, colleges, malls, and art festivals. I continue to travel the festival circuit.  The diversity of appreciation from people of all races, and walks of life, speaks to my spirit.  The works are able to reach a greater number of people through festivals.