What is justice?  What is just for one, may not be justice for the other.  They crucified Christ in the name of Justice. Justice for who? The ones who hung him, or justice for the people he died for. 

80” x 40” x 8”

Oak and Walnut      1985                         $9000

Silverton Zelburette

I carved the work and later dreamed about it.  The man in the dream was Silverton Zelburette. He told me he was going to take my wife. I woke her up and asked if she knew him. She told me, "no, go back to sleep."  Silverton finally found a home at a collector's  house in New Mexico.

 Walnut 2010                                                                                                 

Private Collection 

The Colored Woman Stands in Simplicity Beauty

This work was created for the maids that worked in the kitchen.  They rode in the back seat of the car, with no expression on their face.  The work was sold at the Virginia Highland Summer Fest in Atlanta, GA.   

Pine  (burned)                                                           

Private collection

Spirits Soaring

This work was created for the ones who have passed on.  Although they are gone, they still live and watch over us.  

A piece of driftwood from the Mississippi River, this work was created in 2012.  The base was made from a piece of maple, that was over 100 years old. When I applied oil to work, it darkens the wood. Giving it a rich glow.  My angels fly.

38 ” x 7” x 2”

Driftwood     2012                                               $8500