Make me want to holler, throw up both of my hands. I wanna scream, when I see what we are doing to the environment. I want to scream when i see what you do to women.  I want to scream when i see what you do to me. 

Driftwood                                             Private Collection  

1 Flag 1 People 1 Country

If I am in a foreign land and need help from my country.  What flag do I want coming to get me?  Not some confederate emblem from the past.  I need to see the Red White and Blues Stars and Spires.

Walnut                                                                        500

Blues in the Woods

In the Delta the land is flat. You can see and hear for miles.  In the hills, you hear the blues but you have to go over the hills to see it being played.  This work is dedicated to Hill Country Blues.  I love the sound.  

Driftwood                                     Private Collection

When you come into my booth I want you to feel like you are in my studio. 

Mahogany Lady

This work is from the 70s. It is dedicated to those strong black women with that mahogany skin.

36" x 14" x 1"                                          NFS

I Too Am America

You see me as a half of man.  My braids are seen as bars in jail cells.  I live the flag, I am patriotic. I worship the stars and stripes. I serve in the Army.  I Too Am America.

Walnut                                                                          8500

Sometime I need the light to shine on me. 

Block Head Woman

A work from the early days of the 70's.  Dedicated to hard head women, this work has stood the test of time.  Simply beautiful.

Pine                                                                        5000

Silverton Zelburette

I carved the work and later dreamed about it.  The man in the dream was Silverton Zelburette. He told me he was going to take my wife. I woke her up and asked if she knew him. She told me, "no, go back to sleep."  Silverton finally found a home at a collector's  house in New Mexico.

 Walnut 2010                                                                                                 

Private Collection