He Heard My Cry

This work is from driftwood.  While I was carving it, I played the blues.  When I finished, I heard the spiritual "I Know the Lord He Heard My Cry."

37" x 11" x 4”

Driftwood                       Private Collection          

Holding it In

Sometimes it is better to just hold it in, rather than speak it.  We hold in feelings.  

2015                                Private Collection                    

Holy Father

While working at Mississippi Valley State University, I met  a man  who said, he had a piece of wood I could have.  He said it came out of a church. People often give me wood,  which I sometime use later so I accepted it.  In the wood I saw a cross with people looking toward it, and  black angels hovering overhead. There was also a pulpit.  

43” x 16” x 1”

Walnut           Private Collection

Back to Now

I Too Am America

You see me as half of man. My hair looks to you like jail cells.  I am a patriot. I served. I am holy, I too am America. 

37" x 11" 4”

Walnut  (2013)                         $5500

A Piece for Daddy

I was a little boy riding in the truck with daddy.  I spotted this piece of wood in a pond and wanted it.  Daddy went into the water and got this piece of wood for me.  I carved it for him.

33” x 13” x 4”

Pecan  (early 60's)                          NFS

A Piece for Mama

I carved this work for the mothers of the world.  It is carved from cedar.

48” x 18” x 2”

70's                                   NFS 

Brothers of the Square

I wanted to do something for the Masonic brothers. it took many years for me to build up enough courage to create the work. 

Oak                                                                                          1000