Growing up in Mississippi allowed me to experience a world that was often cold and harsh. However, my experience  was not as bad as others. Our family had a trade. My father was a woodworker who refinished and repaired antique furniture. I grew up learning the difference between walnut and oak woods, and Queen Anne and Duncan Phyfe furniture. Everyone in the family worked in the shop at one time. I began carving around age twelve, capturing and providing comment on the world around me.  Someone had to leave a record, I chose to leave it in wood.   The works are created from inspirations that penetrate my consciousness and re-appear in the ancient art of woodcarving. The goal is to capture the  life, and culture of a people.  God gave me the gift of creativity. Carving allows me to be in sync with the universe. The stories that wood tells. Carving is a dance between the wood and me.  We know each other well. It is like breathing life into an old soul. Underlying the abstract, is a conceptual message that is often religious and justice conscious.  The themes run the gamut from blues to religion, from justice to injustice, and from what is legal, to what is moral.


About the Artist