Mississippi Blues

When I gor kicked out of Texas, i wanted something to remember, so  brought a pair ostrich boots, and a piece of walnut wood from a sawmill.  I soon got a job at Mississippi Valley State University, in Itta Bena, MS. I had the blues real bad.   I heard the blues day and night, so I designed a work for the men and women of the blues in the state of Mississippi. Walnut has always been my favorite wood to work in, and this piece took me to a place I wanted to go. 

38” x 10” x 2”

Walnut (2000)                           $3500

Morality and Law

Sometimes we have to decide what is morally right and what is legal.  The people in this work says keep your eyes on God, do what is morally right.  A lady in Chattanooga, TN brought this work for her son who was a lawyer.


Private Collection

Gumbo People

 When I think of African American people, I often wonder who are we.  The slaves came from  Africa to America.  Through this passage many people took advantage and laid with the women.  Some were English, Spanish, French, German, and others, all taking full advantage of enslaved  people. African Americans are a rich gumbo, made of many different ingredients. Strong values  of religion, purpose, patriotism, struggle, and a moral sense of right and wrong makes us good.  We are Gumbo People.    

80" x 16 ”x 3”

Driftwood                                                                                                                                   $8500

Cedar Man

My wife's former supervisor  had a cedar tree cut down in her yard.  She called and told me to come get the wood.  I did not go for a year or more.  She called me again and said, If I did not  get the wood, she would burn it up.  I rushed over, got the wood, and carved this work from it.  When finished  I told her, now look at what you were going to put in the fire.  The fire next time. 

24” x 12” x 7”

Cedar                                                                          $500